Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is a powerful feature of Flows that lets you identify how your marketing and sales campaigns are performing. You can see how well they are generating leads, sales, sign-ups, and other key actions for your business. Based on the data you have at your fingertips, you can see which parts of your campaigns are working and which ones aren't, so you can adjust strategy accordingly.

Customisable Reports

Build custom conversion reports

Build custom reports with multiple conversion tracking points to track where in your sales funnel you can improve. Identify the conversion events that matter to your business and assign custom dimensions. This adds richer data to your reports, so that you can further understand which kind of conversions were driven by your campaigns.


Benchmark conversions

Identify what your best lead sources are

Lead sources can be benchmarked against each other for conversion rates. By grouping your conversion report on what lead sources a lead originated from, you can benchmark between them. If you set a lead price in your lead sources, you also an average cost per conversion in lead spend.


Customise Definitions

Define custom conversion points

Create your own definitions of conversions across all data. A valuable conversion event in your business could be when a leads reads a specific email or visits a specific landing page. You can combine multiple data points and set a value for each conversion.


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