Improve your call centre efficiency with our Outbound calling solution

When it comes to enhancing the effectiveness of your sales team, an outbound calling solution is your best option.

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Supercharge your outbound calls with intelligent dialers

Intelligent dialers give you the power of automation and make it easier than ever before to maximise your outbound call process. You get an easy-to-use interface that predicts agent availability and eliminates time wasted on dialling and waiting. There will always be new prospects in the queue ready for your agents.

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Access important call data with custom dashboards & statistics

Outbound sales operations are all about metrics and KPIs. Create powerful dashboards using drag and drop to access your business’ most important call statistics. Collect and store data in real-time, allowing managers to quickly make changes and see results. With over 160 KPIs to choose from, you can create your own reports and follow the exact stats you need.

Keep a pulse on your call centre with real-time management

Real-time management gives you access to everything you need in order to always run the smoothest, most efficient operation possible. You’ll receive real-time reports on your call centre's overall health. You can capture interactions with customers as they happen, so all of your data will be current and accurate.


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Flows by Enreach

Reach more and better leads with Flows for marketing automation

Power up your outbound sales process by combining Outbound with Flows.

Integrating Outbound with Flows is a smart way to manage your lead contact strategy. Enreach Flows makes it easy to keep track of all your leads and build advanced segments and automated flows, so you can reach out to the right prospects at the right time.

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Outbound by Enreach

Outbound by Enreach helps you reach more qualified leads and close more sales

Let us show you in a demo how Outbound by Enreach can help you to automate processes in your outbound call center, make your agents more efficient and help your sales teams convert more prospects.

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