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AI that works wonders

It’s part of the package—at Enreach, integrated AI works seamlessly across team and customer conversations.

AI for customer support

Transform customer support with AI that instantly recognizes callers and their preferences (language, segment, purchase history) through CRM. Enjoy faster connections to the right agent with less menu navigation.

AI for sales & marketing automation

Elevate your sales and marketing efforts with AI that predicts customer needs, personalises outreach, and automates routine tasks. Watch your conversion rates soar and your team's efficiency multiply.

AI for business communication

Elevate your team's efficiency with AI: Transcribe mobile calls and capture mobile and Teams conversations, integrating all into CRM. Access vital conversation data effortlessly, regardless of where your team members are working from.



Three pillars, one powerful strategy

Enreach's AI makes your business smarter, your data work harder, and your communications more personal.

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AI-Powered Call Transcription

We provide rich transcripts from every call, vital for CRM platforms like Salesforce and Dynamics. They support real-time next-best action recommendations and ensure every conversation is captured in customer interaction records.

CRM and AI Integration

Revolutionize customer relationship management with AI integrations that bring predictive analytics, automated task management, and personalised customer interactions.

Conversational AI

Offer your customers seamless communication with our intuitive chatbots and IVR. Our smart IVR understands when customers indicate what they want or need, quickly connecting them to the right department or agent.

Embedded Voice

Integrate voice calling with your favourite systems

Embedded Voice by Enreach transforms your communications with a suite of AI-driven features. Enjoy seamless voice-to-text conversion with Speech Recognition, natural voice responses through Text-to-Speech, and deep insights from Call Transcription and Analysis. Plus, elevate your call efficiency with intelligent routing that uses CRM data to connect calls effectively.

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Close more deals faster with AI

Outbound by Enreach speeds up your sales process. Intelligent Dialers quickly send out hundreds of calls, ensuring agents connect with new prospects faster. The system also customizes each agent’s dashboard to show only what’s needed for the next call, boosting efficiency in every interaction.

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Reach more and better leads with smart automation

Flows leverages AI for smarter, more effective marketing.It automatically segments potential customers for personalised messages and analyses your marketing results, helping you find the best ways to reach and engage your audience.

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Engage your customers with conversational AI bot solutions

Our team at Enreach builds AI chatbots that make customer service easier across various industries. Take Taxibot for example—it lets users book taxis right from WhatsApp without needing any additional apps.

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Feeling the magic? It's our AI-enhanced features in action.

AI-powered call transcription

Turn every conversation intovaluable CRM data, enhancingagent efficiency and providingkey performance insights.

Smart contact routing

Direct customers to the rightagents based on skill level,workload, or longest-idle time.

AI-powered IVRs

Streamline customer calls withsmart IVRs that respond tovoice queries, reducing waittimes and improving overallservice experience.

Chatbots and virtual agents

Engage customers 24/7 withresponsive chatbots and virtualagents, providing instant,accurate assistance.

Predictive outbound dialer

Optimise sales efficiency bypredicting agent availability andautomatically dialling numbers,increasing contact rates andsales opportunities.

Automated call summaries

Instantly generate concisesummaries of calls, capturingkey points and actions forquick reference and follow-upefficiency.

Customer intelligence platform

Gather deep insights intocustomer behaviours andpreferences, enabling you toengage more effectively andtailor your business strategies.

Automated campaigns

Streamline your marketingefforts with pre-set workflows,ensuring timely and relevantoutreach to engage andconvert your audienceeffectively.

Award-winning conversational AI

Enreach has earned the Enabling Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for our AI-powered solutions. This award recognizes our role in leading the way with artificial intelligence that improves customer outcomes and satisfaction.

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Data security and quality you can count on

Robust data security protocols

Get the full benefits of trustworthy AI, backed by our commitment to enterprise-grade data security, privacy, and compliance. Here’s how we protect customer data in our AI-powered services.

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AI-driven customer service needs quality data

AI data quality management

Quality data makes all the difference—faster analytics, quicker responses. Here’s how we make sure our AI solutions stand out.

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The emergence of AI and automation for customer service

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