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Unified communications for flexible business

As a leading European provider of unified communications (UC), Enreach (former Benemen) provides contact technology and integrated telecom services via reselling partners and direct brands that enable the agile organisation.

  • Pan-European offices and partner network servicing our open and flexible UC platform
  • UCaaS, contact centre and marketing automation solutions for businesses needing to scale
  • ICT innovation and vertical application integration for mid-market and enterprise customer segments
  • Enterprise-class telephony and fixed-mobile communications for business customers with local support to meet compliance requirements
  • An entrepreneurial culture thriving on continuous learning, collaborative partnerships and innovative thinking
  • Formerly known as Benemen

Better voice technology for IT


Say goodbye to costly servers, hardware maintenance and security patches. Built for the cloud, our solution eliminates long lead times and replaces complex legacy systems with standardized governance on a unified modern platform.

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Optimize call-center operations


Supercharge your team with modern tools for modern talking across every stage of the custom cycle, regardless of time, place or channel. In today’s hyper competitive business environment, personalised experiences win loyalty, fend off competitors, and accelerate growth.

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Improve customer experience with the power of voice


Put speech at the centre of all customer encounters at every stage of the customer cycle. Humanize the connection between your brand and your customers with more delightful and empathic voice experiences for a seamless customer experience.

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Sales management tools


Get total visibility into call sentiment, past interactions, predictive purchasing decisions and more with Enreach’s data tracking functionalities. Understand which leads are hot, identify account risks and preempt churn before it happens.

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Success stories

Tapiolan Lämpö making staff both more reachable and more efficient

Group’s customer service obtained communication tools from Enreach, making staff both more reachable and more efficient.

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Success stories

25% more effective use of resources for Pohjantähti

Just before entering the ‘new normal’, Pohjantähti decided to differentiate itself by choosing voice as the key channel for customer encounters. This enabled human-to-human touch in all key touchpoints.

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