Agent Organisation

Create user roles and assign them to teams or departments based on their skill set. Ensure that the right agents with the right skills sets are staffed at the right time. Schedule shifts and handle payroll all in one place.

Your call center agents' internal organisation can have a great deal of influence on their efficiency, and the success of your outbound sales campaigns may rely on it.

Our Outbound solution allows you to create user roles and assign them to teams or departments based on their skill set. The team-based agent organisation ensures that certain outbound calls are handled by agents with specialised knowledge and training who are better able to meet specific prospects' needs.

Organisation Management

Control access to data

The Agent Organisation tree allows you to control who can access what data. Changing a user's access rights is as simple as dragging them to another team or department. You can easily organise your team's members in any multi-level structure you like.


User Roles

Control access to features

Administration of your outbound call center should be simple and straightforward.

Create user roles and assign them to users or teams. Users can be assigned multiple roles that fulfill multiple responsibilities, allowing them to access the right information at the right time.


Activity calendar

Manage work schedules and payroll

With Outbound, you can plan and manage your agents’ work schedule directly within the application.

You can create activities and shift templates and assign them to users or teams. Alternatively, you can let your agents choose themselves from the accessible schedules.

Export everything directly to your payroll system, including sales provisions and bonuses from the agents’ results.


Maximise your lead potential by setting active hours

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