Real-time Monitoring

Monitor in real-time what’s going on in your call centre to judge agent performance and quality. Listen in and get an idea of what happens during customer interactions with agents. To ensure success of your outbound sales campaigns, determine if your agents follow compliance and quality guidelines.

Conversation Tracking

Monitor the pulse of your call center

Track conversations and get a real-time overview of events in your call center. By using colour codes, you can easily see how long each conversation lasted and what the result was.

If recordings have been enabled, you can even click on a call to listen to the recording.


Incognito Listening

Listen to live calls

Supervisors and administrators can listen to live calls without the agent or customer knowing. You can see who is actively talking in the agent list in real-time, and with one click, you are able to join the call.

It’s a great way to assess agent performance for sales coaching or quality monitoring purposes. This helps you to determine whether your agents are using the right sales methods when they call prospects.


Maximise your lead potential by setting active hours

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