Sales Appointment Setting

Sales appointment setting is a vital part of any outbound sales campaign. To have a sustainable and predictable outbound sales pipeline, you not only need to have a well thought out strategy in place but also the software to make it happen. Outbound allows your sales reps to book meetings with leads in a streamlined and efficient process. Easily integrate your sales appointments into your preferred calendar system and improve your team’s activity-to-appointment ratio.

Calendar Options

Easily set appointments for your sales reps

If your sales process requires a meeting with your prospect, you can book this sales appointment directly in Outbound. Sales agents can book in multiple calendars for the same campaign and let the system decide which calendar to use based on pre-specified rules.


Calendar Sync

Synchronise with your own calendar

Outbound supports synchronisation with multiple calendar platforms, including Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, Apple Calendars and more. With this integration, you can book meetings on behalf of other sales reps directly in their calendar.


Calendar Overview

Get an overview of the complete agenda

Get a nice list of the sales appointments you've booked. The list includes details on each prospect. Having one place to manage meetings is super convenient for internal and external users.


Maximise your lead potential by setting active hours

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