Sales Triggers & Automation

Streamlining your outbound operations with sales triggers and automation helps your sales reps save time, be more productive and focus on the things that are most important–connecting with prospects. Automate your process with triggers that can execute a number of actions when a specific event occurs. Action types include sending emails, SMS, or automatically transferring data to external applications.

Outbound Automation

Automate your lead workflows

Set up sales triggers that can execute several different actions when a specific event occurs. They indicate the right context and time to reach out to a certain prospect. Triggers can be specific dial results or combinations of data points. They’re easy to set-up and will save you a ton of administration time.


Sales Trigger Options

Choose between multiple actions

Our Outbound solution offers multiple action types for sales triggers including sending emails, sending SMS messages and more. Among the most useful actions is the ability to make a request to an external system, allowing you to automate your data transfer and integrations.


Maximise your lead potential by setting active hours

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