The emergence of automation & ai for customer service

Enreach, a prominent provider of converged contact solutions in Europe, has released a report titled "The Emergence of Automation and AI for Customer Service." This analysis, authored by industry expert Blair Pleasant of COMMFusion, focuses on the integration of AI-powered tools into customer service.

The report, sponsored by Enreach, explores the current customer service landscape and the challenges businesses face in meeting customer expectations for a mix of efficient self-service and live agent support. It evaluates the effectiveness of AI-based technologies like chatbots, speech recognition, and machine learning through real-world examples from European businesses.

Anne Bakker, Head of Enreach AI, emphasized the significant impact of AI on customer service and the operational benefits it offers to companies. Blair Pleasant, President of COMMFusion, brings over two decades of expertise in disruptive technologies and innovation to this project.

Blair Pleasant highlights the transformative role of AI in reshaping how businesses engage with customers, providing a range of touchpoints that enhance the customer experience while reducing operating costs. She aptly stated, "We are experiencing a transformation in the way businesses are now engaging customers, and AI is at the heart of this seismic shift."

Enreach has been at the forefront of promoting AI in customer service, and this collaboration aims to educate businesses about the potential of AI to satisfy and retain customers.

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