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How to reduce IT costs with an enterprise-wide communication platform

How to reduce IT costs with an enterprise-wide communication platform

Optimising costs is an incredibly important part of growing a sustainable business. Whenever costs have to be cut, IT budgets tend to be on every cost reduction checklist. However, most CIOs also view cost optimisation as a continuous process towards technology that adds business value. reduce-IT-costs-enterprise-wide-communication-platform

IT leaders know that efficient company-wide communication is key — it’s vital — it’s the lifeline to employees feeling connected and teams being more efficient and productive.

Below, we’ll share five powerful ways in which an enterprise-wide communication platform can save your business money and meet your IT budgeting goals.


Why is enterprise-wide communication important?

Effective communication contributes to a company’s success in many ways. People must be able to share knowledge and data across the entire organisation. When departments have the means to communicate effortlessly, they will be able to get more done in less time with less friction.

More and more employees rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices at work and on the move. As a result, enterprise mobility is rapidly becoming a cornerstone in companies' business strategies that emphasize long-term growth and ongoing improvement.

Enterprise mobility allows employees to work anywhere via mobile devices, apps, and software.



What is an enterprise-wide communication platform?

An enterprise-wide communication platform is a solution for internal and external communication. It keeps your entire organisation productive by enabling employees to stay connected with colleagues and customers, regardless of where they work from.

This unified solution streamlines the way information is captured and shared among all employees. It provides a single point of access to information and data.

A well-working, company-wide communication platform allows you to:

  • Streamline communication and collaboration
  • Coordinate tasks between employees and departments
  • Get access to corporate information and resources
  • Improve operations intelligence based on data
  • Improve overall reachability and customer experience

Enreach specialises in modern company-wide communication solutions that ensure meaningful and smooth ways to interact both internally and externally, regardless of the device and location.



5 ways in which an enterprise-wide communication platform can help reduce IT costs:

Being mindful of your organisation’s short- and long-term goals matters. It helps align your IT cost optimisation strategy with the business strategy—resulting in the right IT investment decisions.

With an enterprise-wide communication platform you reap the benefits in the long run:

1. Reduce total cost of ownership. By moving to a cloud based enterprise-wide communication solution, you can reduce TCO by cutting the costs of managing all kinds of different and isolated solutions on your own servers. As the platform is hosted and managed by a third-party provider, it doesn’t require large upfront investments or costs for on-site technical professionals. Pricing is typically tier- and user-based, so you can easily scale up and down as your needs change.

2. Break down communication silos. The average team loses as many as 20 hours a month due to tools that aren’t centralised across the organisation. That’s 6 workweeks per year that they’re not being productive, according to resource management firm Planview. By integrating all forms of team collaboration onto a single platform, your team will be able to work together more smoothly.

3. Turn analytics into cost optimisation insights. An enterprise-wide communication platform has the potential to deliver impressive ROI. Tap into one of the platform’s richest resources: volumes of rich communication-related data. With the right tool, and advanced conversation analytics, you can automatically gain insights that will allow you to improve workflows and intelligence in business operations and processes.

4. Leverage cost-effective remote work. Being able to have remote employees on the team is a cost-effective strategy. This can reduce the cost of office space, maintenance, and employee transportation costs. It also allows you to hire from a larger talent pool since you are not tied to a single location.

5. Improve reachability with enterprise mobility. Everyone has a mobile phone. Offer your employees a way to connect, operate and conduct business from the device they already love and use for everything else in their life. Enterprise mobility allows users to seamlessly switch from desktop to mobile, making staff both more reachable and efficient.


Optimise costs while improving reachability and customer experience

Your organisation can benefit from better customer experience, higher productivity and cost savings as a direct result of enhanced reachability.

Being mobile doesn't equal being productive – being reachable does, so an effective mobile communication solution is essential to that.

Explore Embedded Voice by Enreach 

Embedded Voice by Enreach is a company-wide communication solution that can significantly reduce costs for businesses by streamlining communication across various platforms. It combines mobile, softphone, and hard phone services into one unified system. This integration leads to a more efficient use of resources and lower operational costs.

See how Embedded Voice by Enreach can effortlessly streamline your business communication and reduce costs. 

Discover the simplicity of Embedded Voice.

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