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Joining Enreach means more possibilities for us and our customers

Last spring, we announced that we were going to join forces with the Dutch company Enreach, a Europe-wide provider of communication solutions. The news was considered a significant development especially among Finnish growth companies. Both Enreach and we are strong growth companies with a competitive range of services. The modern services of both companies complement each other, creating a wide selection of services both in the Nordic and the entire European market. Our joint focus is to enable our customers to reduce costs while also increasing sales and improving efficiency.

The companies had very similar cultures already prior to the merger. We both share the philosophy of offering people meaningful human encounters, being a partner to our customers, and providing a pleasant workplace. You could say that this is a match made in clouds.

So far we have been offering modern speech technology, SaaS-based cloud solutions and virtual operator services. Now we have taken a major step towards international markets. Becoming part of Enreach is an important strategic move for us, the main goal being to serve our customers even better.

Merging with a market leader like Enreach opens up new doors for us and our customers. It has always been important for us to grow and become more international, but we have been equally interested in developing our customers’ growth prospects. Thanks to our cooperation with Enreach, our customers can now develop their business internationally from their home base.




Ready-made integrations and continuous product development expand service range

This merger is significant both in the sense that Finland has again built a successful growth company that caught the interest of an international player. People often think that we domestic companies are the winners, but in fact this merger brings major benefits to Enreach.


Our combined solutions complement each other in a way that is unprecedented in Europe.

We have created ready-made integrations with key players of the ecosystem, such as Salesforce and Microsoft. This brings considerable added power to Enreach’s existing combined communication services and contact centre solutions. Product development is vital to Enreach, and we are proud to expand their range of services with these major solutions.

Together, we are stronger than before and will be able to develop new services for even bigger playing fields. We will also expand the geographical scope of Enreach’s virtual operator services, as we will be able to offer mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services also in Finland, Sweden and Poland.

Speech is still the most significant factor in creating human contacts. It is what makes our everyday encounters truly human. This is why we want to offer our customers new opportunities to utilise the technologies we offer at an even larger scale everywhere in Europe.


Continued agile customer cooperation

Even though our visual look and feel will be changed to conform with the Enreach brand, our products, services, software and other offerings will remain unchanged at this stage. Our customers do not have to do anything, and our prices and contracts will not be changed in any way. We also want to emphasise that although we now have access to Europe-wide services, we will continue to operate locally and be the agile partner our customers have become used to.

The contact details of our customer service will change in stages, and we will keep you updated as things progress. The new email addresses ending in enreach.com will work alongside the old ones, and messages sent to the old email addresses will be forwarded to the new ones for a long time, so there is no danger of any messages getting lost.

This year, we will see Enreach investing heavily in product development also in the Nordic countries, translating to new products and services to support our customers’ businesses. Enreach will become an increasingly important player in the industry, offering an alternative to traditional operators or providers of contact centre solutions.

If you want to add value with modern speech communication solutions, check out our products!

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