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Lead sales more effectively with call data

You can lead sales with more precision than you ever thought possible. The new foundations of success and efficiency are automation and monitoring activity – including call data. That’s why the first initiative I took at Enreach was to create modern metrics to support sales, writes Enreach Sales Director Väinö Willman. 


When I understand what’s happening in the environment our clients operate in, I can control processes better, forecast sales more accurately, and lead my team to even better results.

Metrics are essential for sales activities, but if chosen incorrectly, they easily become worthless. Since systematic operations and results are built on activity, we made monitoring of it a key metric alongside the conventional ones – the number of sealed deals and money made.

Genuinely useful metrics are also transparent and tracking them shouldn’t require too much manual work. With that in mind, it was clear that a large part of our sales process monitoring would be automated.

The first logical automation step was the calendars. When every customer meeting in the personal calendars was automatically transferred to the CRM system, we could monitor the number of meetings and how they fit the different stages of the sales process from the beginning. Gradually, meetings began to take shape as tasks in the CRM, turning it into a significant helper in our day-to-day work. 


An overview of the entire customer relationship at a glance

Activity, however, is so much more than meetings and tasks marked in a calendar. Every salesperson is in contact with customers daily by phone, which leads to meetings being arranged, processes going forward, and deals being made. So one key part of our activities still had to be measured: phone calls. 

Enreach technology includes call data in the CRM system reports, making it possible to be combined with customer data – regardless of whether a call is incoming or outgoing, made in Microsoft Teams, on mobile voices or in a browser.

With this approach, we were able to gather all the important sales activities, from calendar entries to tasks and phone calls, in one place and linked to all the relevant customer data. Now, the entire customer life cycle and activities can be grasped clearly at a glance.


A way of working and modern tools that many can only dream of – now completely attainable

We have continued developing great tools and processes in our Microsoft D365 solutions, monitoring activity from several angles and linking it to different stages of the sales process. From all this data we’ve created our own KPIs, which can be followed at both the entire team level and the individual salesperson level.  

Our salespersons are also thrilled with this system, since state-of-the-art technology helps them reach their goals far more easily than before. Metrics have become a way of working that allows us to efficiently learn, improve and create new things.

Do I manage sales by monitoring activities or focusing on the end result? The answer is both, but the best results come by combining customer data as part of everything you do. That beats guesswork hands down: you simply focus on the current and future processes based on customer data.  

Want to manage sales with customer data?

Read more on how to know what your customers want before they do. 


Sales Director Väinö Willman

leads sales with modern systems and in a way that many can still only dream of.


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