What is Taxibot

We give an option to book a taxi via WhatsApp –  fully automated and directly integrated with the taxi order backend. When a customer chooses this option for the first time, they receive a WhatsApp message with a button to book a taxi. Next time they can simply text “taxi” to the same WhatsApp number. 

The dialog on WhatsApp is easy and fast: the customer is asked for either their exact pickup address, a known location or a landmark, or they can simply use the WhatsApp location pin. 

The taxi can be ordered immediately or pre-booked for a specific time in the future. Additionally, the customer will be updated with ETA arrival information the whole time. Only two interactions on WhatsApp are required, which makes booking a taxi fast and convenient. 



24/7/365 functionality

The virtual operator takes orders fully automated 24/7/365, reducing the load on call centres. During peak times, such as downpours or events, the virtual operator helps reduce waiting times by handling a large portion of the bookings.


A multi-channel alternative to the traditional phone

For the end customers, booking via WhatsApp is very convenient: when sharing a location pin, you don’t have to know your exact address. In practice, taxibooker is a 24/7 virtual call centre for the customer and does not require a separate application or resources!


Improve the customer experience

There's an open chat channel for frequent questions and concerns, such as "when will my taxi arrive" or "I have left my purse in the taxi". This direct line is very convenient compared to waiting on the call centre queue. While the taxi arrives, the customer is updated with ETA arrival information.

Core Benefits

  • No need to invest in a separate mobile app or constantly update one.
  • Products channel to your own look and feel!
  • You can productise your own WhatsApp Business view.
  • You can productise an own view of your taxi order.
  • You can personalise your call view.
  • All existing numbers can be used.

WhatsApp for business

  • The service works directly via the WhatsApp Business app!
  • WhatsApp is a globally used application.
  • Easy to manage and download.
  • Multilingual.
  • Customers can use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to order a taxi.


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