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AI in Action: 3 ways Enreach uses AI to enhance customer service

AI in Action: 3 ways Enreach uses AI to enhance customer service

Ever wondered how Enreach uses AI to make customer interactions better, faster, and more personalised? 

You're about to find out!

This post dives into the three key pillars of our AI strategy, each designed to make your customer interactions more effective, insightful, and engaging.


How AI is transforming customer service

AI and automation are driving change in customer service environments. With this, businesses have reimagined the customer journey and created many different touchpoints that improve the customer experience. Plus, it reduces operating costs. 

With the use of AI, companies can provide 24/7 support, handle multiple interactions simultaneously, and enable more personalised customer service. It can automate and enhance interactions with customers, providing faster, smoother, and more efficient support experiences.

Conversational AI, chatbots, and speech recognition enable customers to interact across digital, web, and voice channels in a way that feels more natural, human-like and intuitive.

Ensuring data quality and security is crucial for effective AI implementation

High data quality in AI-driven customer service ensures accurate insights and reliable interactions, while robust data security protects sensitive customer information, maintaining trust and compliance.


The 3 Core Components of Enreach’s AI Strategy

Enreach–as a leading specialist in integrated communications–uses AI in its solutions to enhance customer experiences. This includes the seamless integration of AI capabilities such as chatbots, speech recognition, smart contact routing, and machine learning with CRM platforms and payment systems.

Enreach's AI strategy is based on three key pillars. These components simplify complex processes, ensure data quality and security, and enhance customer interactions.


1. AI-Powered Call Transcription: The Foundation of Data Intelligence

AI-powered call transcription transforms spoken words from voice calls into written text using artificial intelligence. This technology plays a significant role in enhancing customer interactions and improving the overall customer experience.

Enreach's AI call transcripts offer real-time call summaries, providing businesses with immediate access to the content of customer interactions. This feature is useful for monitoring customer support conversations, identifying emerging issues, and ensuring that customers receive high-quality service.

These call transcripts provide a gold mine of insights to drive business growth. By analysing these conversations, businesses don't just learn about customer needs, preferences, and pain points; they also gather vital information to enhance customer communication itself. This information can be used to optimise products, services, and marketing strategies, directly addressing what customers truly want and need.


2. Data Integration with CRM Systems: The Bridge to Customer Insights

This rich, AI-transcribed data, when fed into CRM systems like Salesforce and Dynamics 365, unlocks new levels of customer insights and personalisation.

The days of tedious note-taking and data entry are over. AI does the heavy lifting of transcribing and organising data, freeing up your agents to focus on more meaningful tasks.

AI plays an important role in enhancing smart contact routing by leveraging CRM data and customer insights. This powerful combination is used to make dynamic routing decisions about where incoming customer calls should go. AI-powered CRM data is key in making sure customers talk to the right person at the right time.

In sales, bringing call data into your CRM tools is a game changer. Using these tools, sales teams can predict customer preferences and behaviour based on detailed customer data. This approach refines sales strategies and boosts conversion rates. For example, insurance companies might use these insights to discover a trend in customers seeking specific insurance policies for electric cars. As a result, they might develop comprehensive policies that cover traction batteries, charging cables, and home charging stations.

Similarly, in customer service, AI-transcribed data integrated with CRM systems will assist customer service agents in better understanding customer queries so they can resolve them quickly. This leads to happier customers who receive faster, more accurate responses. 

Plus, call transcripts help with compliance and quality assurance. Every call can be recorded and reviewed, ensuring businesses stay on the right side of regulations. With the right set of AI tools and partners it even hides sensitive information in call recordings to protect customer privacy


3. Conversational AI: The Future of Customer Engagement

Conversational AI is transforming the way businesses interact with and serve their customers. At Enreach, our use of conversational AI, especially in our chatbots, is elevating these interactions and providing instant customer service.

One such example is our Taxibot  – a conversational AI solution allowing users to easily book a taxi through WhatsApp. When a customer chooses this option for the first time, they receive a WhatsApp message with a button to book a taxi. In the future, they can simply text "taxi" to the same WhatsApp number. The WhatsApp dialogue is quick and straightforward, needing just two interactions. Taxibot operates around the clock, lightening the load on call centres, and offers a convenient, efficient alternative to traditional phone calls for taxi bookings.

Johannes Ukkonen, CTO at Enreach for Enterprises, emphasises the broader potential of this technology: 'Taxibot is just one example of what we can achieve with our AI bot technologies. We’re capable of developing various other applications that can transform customer service and engagement across multiple industries.' 

Supercharge every conversation with AI

Discover Enreach’s AI-driven features, from conversation analytics to intelligent call routing and real-time insights. Explore our solutions here!

Embrace AI in customer service with Enreach as your partner

Implementing AI in customer service can come with its own set of challenges. That’s why Enreach wants to make it easy and seamless for you to achieve your goal - an efficient, secure, and customer-centred business. By adopting our AI-powered solutions, you can confidently step into the future of business communication, and leverage technology to meet and exceed the evolving expectations of your customers.

Curious to learn more?

Read our white paper, "The Emergence of Automation and AI for Customer Service." It's your ultimate guide to integrating AI tools into customer service. Packed with expert insights, successful strategies from real European businesses, and hands-on tips. Get ready to deliver faster, better customer service in 2024.


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