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How the right contact center tool bring out the best in your employees

How the right contact center tool bring out the best in your employees

Your company’s customer service is only as good as the agents behind it, so it's crucial to retain your most talented employees. Here's how the right contact center tools can keep your staff motivated and help them perform better.


Optimise your contact center operations to engage your agents

High turnover rates at contact centres have been an issue for a long time. Besides lowering morale, they can also cost your company a great deal of money. To make sure you keep your best employees, you should continuously optimise your contact center. Contact center optimisation is a customer experience strategy that uses modern technologies to not only improve the customer experience but also boost employee engagement.

It's essential to equip your contact center agents with the right tools if you want them to perform at their best. A CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform is a cloud-based contact center solution that gives your team great flexibility and innovative features for serving your customers. From IVR to skills-based routing and configurable workflows, these tools help to boost an agent’s productivity and performance.

Done right, contact center optimisation is a superb way to instill employee loyalty and motivation and keep your agents with you for a long time.


Keep both your customers and employees happy

Nowadays, customers expect seamless and immediate customer service when dealing with companies. Expectations are high, whether they’re talking to your agents on the phone, via live chat, or email. If customers can’t get a response quickly, they may give up on a planned purchase or walk away for good.

Agents often feel overwhelmed when they get tons of requests throughout the day, especially a high number of calls that they struggle to fulfil. Optimised call center operations can lessen the agents' workload and make them more efficient, with features like call monitoring and intelligent routing.

Contact center software, powered by conversation analytics and artificial Intelligence, can assist your agents with smart tools. They can help to boost resolution rates, come up with suggestions for upselling and cross-selling and provide immediate access to FAQs and other sources of information.


Why voice should be your first choice for customer service

While more businesses are adopting multiple digital service channels, they tend to overlook one simple truth: customers often still prefer to talk to a human being. Especially in times of uncertainty, customers still pick up the phone. Most customers want to speak to a human expert when they need to resolve complex issues.


Voice is still the best way for customers and service agents to connect on a human level. It conveys emotion, which is the key ingredient of exceptional customer experience.

Organizations that are good at establishing emotional connections cultivate emotionally engaged customers. These are more likely to repurchase and less likely to buy from competitors.


Why a cloud-based solution is the best tool for optimising your contact center

A Contact Center as a Service solution allows voice to become a seamless part of your omnichannel strategy. The same data and workflows are available across all channels and customer touch points—within a single environment that you can access from anywhere.

If you operate contact centres in different locations, using these kinds of cloud-based services is the way to go. In addition, they support the new hybrid way of working: it’s possible for employees to partly work from home (or at another remote location) and partly in the workplace.

It has enormous benefits for the quality of customer service when the person answering the calls gets all up-to-date caller info immediately.

With cloud contact center software, you have full insight into every customer interaction and access to data and analytics of every conversation. It brings the voice channel into the environments you already use—like Salesforce Service Cloud Voice or Microsoft Dynamics 365—which are also cloud-based.


Are you ready to unlock the value of a cloud-based contact center?

If you’re looking to bring out the best in your employees and deliver the superior service your customers expect, download your free copy of our Essential Guide to Contact Center as a Service.

In this guide, you’ll discover

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