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Why voice is your ultimate weapon for a super-connected CX?

Customer experience professionals faced some enormous challenges this past year. On top of the usual challenges of running your CX teams, this year has thrown you a bunch of additional curveballs.

There was the sudden switch to a remote workforce and dramatic shift in customer behaviour. You had to deal with pretty unpredictable customer demands and manage the rapid expansion of digital service channels.

I bet you’re tired of hearing how “the voice channel is dead”. Because, if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that voice remains the number one customer service channel.


In times of uncertainty, customers pick up the phone

As more organisations are embracing digital channels, they often overlook one simple truth: their customers still want to talk to a human being. This is especially true during times of uncertainty.

Customers prefer to talk to a highly qualified human expert to resolve complex issues. These include technical issues with products or devices, service outages, and questions around billing or fraud.

Voice is still the best way for customers and service agents to connect on a human level.


Modern customer experience is driven by emotion

What is the key ingredient of an exceptional customer experience? Emotion! According to a study by Gallup, organisations that are good at establishing emotional connections outperform their competitors with sales increases of up to a whopping 85%.

These companies cultivate emotionally engaged customers who are:

  • less price-sensitive
  • less likely to buy from competitors
  • and more likely to recommend and repurchase.

How to use data as a shortcut to emotional connection

Your agents don’t have an unlimited amount of time to establish deep connections with every single customer. But you can use data as a shortcut to that emotional connection. Data helps you understand the relationship between your business and the customer. It helps you to predict the needs and challenges he or she has. Data allows your agents to deepen that emotional connection without spending excessive time with one individual.

And for leveraging emotional connections, voice happens to be the key driver.


Put voice at the heart of your omni-channel customer service

Enreach’s cloud-based communications platform allows the voice-channel to become a seamless part of your omni-channel CX and customer service strategy. In a single environment, all service channels and customer touch points are available, utilising the same data and unified customer service workflows.

With Enreach, you have full control over every interaction and access to analytics on every conversation. It combines voice with the data you already have on platforms you already use, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It helps you to:

  • Unify the service experience across different channels
  • Manage and measure customer touch points
  • Monitor and measure the implementation of your customer service strategy

Curious to see it in the real world? Here’s how Pohjantähti—one of Finland’s most trusted insurance companies— built a super-connected customer journey with Enreach’s omni-channel cloud solution.

Customer experience of the future puts empathy and connection first

The future of customer experience and customer service means going above and beyond in ways organisations haven’t before. Building lasting relationships with your customers is easier with empathy at the front of your mind.

Ready to stand out from the competition? Download this free report to learn what customer service of the future looks like.

We'll walk you through five actionable steps to achieve your strategic goals and improve customer service.


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